Who we are

Cyber STRING, (Cyber Security Threats Response Initiatives Group), is a non-profit organization to promote the cyber resilience capabilities. Our primary focus is to promote the real picture on how the organisations and individuals are really prepared to proactively act and efficiently react to the critical cyber security situations.

Instead of emotional feelings and believes, we strictly apply the widely accepted international benchmarks to highlight the real status of cybersecurity.

Our ambition is to collect and to offer the best practices. Cyber STRING is the open platform to all members and partners, who see the value to act based on objective metrics, ready to share their experience, regardless on industry segment, whether they are organisations or individuals.

Our mission: Strengthen the new age cyber threats resilience capabilities by promoting the real picture of cybersecurity readiness.

Our Goal: Sustainable cyber security competencies increase in Slovak Republic


Fundraising efforts in a similar way, like other NGO / NPO organisations, e.g membership dues, partnering program fees, donations, grants, etc.

Some frequent Qs & As:

  1. Who can apply for Cyber STRING membership?
    Any cyber security technology and services vendors, businesses and commercial institutions, public, education and research institutions, NGOs & NPOs or any other persons who demonstrate the real interest within the information / cyber security or information / data protection area.
  2. What is the goal of Cyber STRING?
    The main goal is to increase the country competencies within the area of cyber security and cyber threats defence.

  3. Which are the Cyber STRING typical activities?
    The unique focus, next to communication and expert type of activities, will address the research and education, in close partnership with private sector. Cyber STRING is the organisation with status of business entity, enabled to participate on any education and/or research projects funded by national or EU grants, within the frame of eligible calls.

  4. How the Cyber STRING is funded?
    Any Cyber STRING fundraising activities are operated based on standards given by the Slovak legislation, addressing the non-profit organisations. All activities will be funded by dues, sponsor fees, or by any other allowed fundings, coming mainly from grants and / or funding schemes.

  5. Why Cyber STRING is different?
    We do believe, that any organisation is recognized throughout the activities visible on its marketplace. The vitality is the main operational target, to which the management dedicates the dominant part of work effort.

  6. Why to be a part of Cyber STRING?
    Each of individuals, being aware of own limits, has an aim to enlarge its operational reach and capabilities throughout the new partnerships, working on a win-win base. The Cyber STRING with its members and partners is primary setting up the expertise and activities platform, however, top on that, it forms and enables the new synergies for all of the group players and activities.